Compact and powerful, dynamic and portable

All the TECTA™ benefits in a smaller unit, Lab-equivalent microbiology¬†testing has never been this easy and accurate.

We are excited to introduce the revolutionary TECTA™ B4, the same state-of-the-art TECTA™ B16 technology now available in a smaller more portable unit. The TECTA™ B4 has all the same features and benefits of the larger TECTA™ B16 but with only four testing compartments, giving it a much smaller footprint. Similar to the B16, the TECTA™ B4 is a complete, self-contained automated microbiology testing system capable of providing laboratory-grade results on-site with unprecedented time-to-result performance.

A smaller version of the TECTA™ B16, the B4 has all the benefits of the bigger unit in a more portable package. The cost-effective B4 is ideal for situations where multiple locations need stand alone units or when testing requires the unit be transported to various external sites. In the lab, the unit has a much smaller footprint freeing up desk space while still performing the same high standard of testing as the larger model.

The B4, like the TECTA™ B16 is fully automated which eliminates the need for human interaction and therefore removes the need for subjective, visual interpretation of the test results. Once the sample is placed in the TECTA™ unit no further involvement is required until the test is completed. An objective, written test report is produced for each sample tested and is sent out digitally via email.

Extreme ease-of-use means that non-technical personnel can initiate testing and perform all required quality assurance procedures to ensure laboratory-grade test results. The TECTA™ technology is approved by the U.S. EPA and is trusted by organizations around the world who need fast and reliable water testing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Rapid alerting with no fixed incubation delay
  • High reliability with minimal handling of samples
  • No sample preparation or visual interpretation of results required
  • Initiate a test anytime, with automatic reporting of results that are sent directly via email notification to any device immediately upon detection of a positive result
  • Simple operation that does not require specialized personnel
  • High dynamic range eliminates need for multiple dilutions
  • Direct testing of turbid samples
  • Industry-standard enzyme indicators of target bacteria
  • Self-contained desktop packaging with touch-screen control


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