Military / Disaster Relief

We call on our military personnel to defend our country; therefore it is vital that we do our best to keep them healthy. Anywhere military personnel are stationed they deserve the best training, equipment and care available. In both permanent and temporary accommodations, safe drinking and bathing water is high on the priority list. If an E. coli  outbreak occurs, the safety of our military men and women and the safety of our country could be compromised. Regular, proactive testing with the TECTA™ B16 could prevent an outbreak before it starts.

However or wherever the contamination occurs, water quality can be compromised and the TECTA™ B16 can provide quick and accurate results to tell you whether or not E. coli  has been detected.

When the health of many is at stake, you need answers fast!

The TECTA™ technology advantage :

  • Help maintain the health and safety of military personnel
  • Prevent the spread of illness and infection
  • Ensuring campuses, temporary and permanent have a safe water supply
  • Personnel involved in humanitarian efforts can include E. coli  testing in their activities