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Press release
Kingston, Ontario – June 13, 2018

Australian Tamworth Environmental Laboratories announced that they have received NATA accreditation effective from May 2018 to use Canadian technology from TECTA-PDS in order to automate their water testing for E-coli and Total Coliforms.

The TECTA-PDS automated microbial detection system, TECTA™ B16, is the only US EPA approved automated method for drinking water compliance testing and provides the fastest time to detect while also being the easiest test to conduct.  The portability and complete testing capabilities, including interpretation of results and full reports sent immediately via email, will provide lab grade quality results instantly for Tamworth Laboratories who, being in a regional area, were previously outsourcing their micro samples to an external lab and having to wait several days to receive the results, which caused operational delays for both them and their customers.

With the TECTA™ B16 instrument, supplied through TECTA-PDS’ regional distributor Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tamworth has been able to shave off a minimum of 1 day time-to-result as well as lowering shipping costs for samples.  From an operational perspective, Tamworth has embraced the ease of use and limited training required for a lab technician to run aseptic microbial samples.

Tim Adams, EVP TECTA-PDS says “This is a fantastic step forward in the Australian market.  We are very proud to be adopted in over 35 countries and look forward to continuing to work closely together with Tamworth Laboratories and in Australia.”

James Anderson, Senior Laboratory Technician at Tamworth Environmental Laboratory says “The requirement for timely microbiological analysis for drinking water was identified as a public health issue in our region and TECTA™ B16 provided the solution with the added benefits over other methodologies of rapid detection and notification.”


TECTA-PDS was formed in 2003 as Pathogen Detection Systems as a direct result of the Walkerton (Ontario, Canada) disaster in which 7 people died and several thousand became ill as a result of fecal contamination of drinking water.  Working together, researchers at Queen’s University and industry specialists set the goal of revolutionizing current microbiological monitoring standards in which the tried-and-true testing methods that, although deemed the gold standard, were decades old, unreliable and simply inadequate to protect human health. TECTA-PDS today has evolved into a global organization having systems in over 35 countries and has revolutionized the way in which water is being tested around the world in both municipal and industrial environments. Over the years the core value of the company has never changed with a mission to be the most innovative organization in water monitoring and to ensure a Walkerton disaster never occurs again in any part of the world.

About Tamworth Environmental Laboratories

Tamworth Environmental Laboratory (TEL) is a unit of Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) and primarily offers environmental testing services to the North West, Northern Tablelands and Liverpool Plains regions of New South Wales in Australia. This area incorporates regional cities and remote and isolated communities. Accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for a range of environmental testing parameters and for environmental sampling, TEL is now also NATA accredited for a number of microbiological tests, including E.coli and coliforms in potable water with the TECTA™ B16.


Contact Info – To learn more about this partnership, please contact:

Patrick Wolfe
mobile: (+65) 9270 2711
toll free: (+1) 844-215-7122

4 May

We are so excited to see you all at the #17thNational Conference on Drinking Water in Ottawa, Ontario from October 16 to 18, which brings together the best of drinking water research and technical innovation with decision makers! http://buff.ly/2eaaOs5

Made up of a community of researchers, policy makers and practitioners, this is a unique Canadian opportunity for stakeholders in water quality to share ideas, debate challenging issues and explore potential collaborations. The focus will be on water quality and human health from the watershed to the tap.

25 Jan

Jenny Baltazar of Enzed (TECTA-PDS distributor) gives “learning session” on “PDS  AUTOMATED MICROBIOLOGICAL WATER TESTING” For more http://info http://visit: http://buff.ly/2jFyypJ

TECTA-PDS now approved by Philippine Department of Health! We are so proud to announce that the Philippine Department of Health has recently adopted our innovative and groundbreaking water testing technology for quicker, more accurate and remote testing of drinking water. TECTA-PDS is please and delighted to be adding another global market to our growing list of regions adopting our revolutionary way of testing drinking water for contaminants… See More http://buff.ly/2k5i11u

This week, we’re in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the International Water Summit, taking place at the ADNEC (National convention center) where TECTA-PDS is officially launching into the market in the Middle East. Thank you to the Canadian government for work with us and highlighting us in the region as an example of innovative technology coming out of Canada. Watch the video http://buff.ly/2jDbCrN or visit http://buff.ly/2jDfZmI to find out more.

25 Jan

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Water is a precious, yet finite resource essential for life, with no adequate substitute. Supplying and allocating water of adequate quality and in sufficient quantity is one of the major challenges facing society today. Such challenges are creating a giant market for water solutions. TECTA™ is proud to be one of the innovative companies tackling water quality and management globally. http://buff.ly/2gdQPLS

#TECTA™ B16 on display at @AIOH_Inc #HygieneThatWorks Conference in Gold Coast, Australia. AIOH’s goal is to raise awareness of practical and innovative approaches to control workplace #health risks.